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Friday, November 13, 2015

I Had a Baby


I had a baby. Like a real life baby that needs to be fed, changed, bathed, rocked, loved on, etc. And my life has never been the same again. Cyril Kotelevskiy was born on July 17th, 2015 at 5:45am weighing 9 lbs and 21 in. Five days after his due date. And I have learned that due dates are nothing but estimates. So if baby comes a week "past the due date," the baby is not overdue. 

The day we brought him home was one of the most emotionally driven days I have ever had. I cried, I laughed, my heart almost exploded from love, I was scared, and I was about to start the journey of my heart living outside of me. 

It's true. Motherhood is life changing, and I am so thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to experience it. It's hard. It's real hard, oh but how rewarding it is. These little people truly do make you a better person. And they teach you things. 

I remember the first couple of weeks feeling like I wasn't sure what I was doing and somebody telling me "it'll come naturally." And it truly did. Nobody knows your baby as much as you do. And time is everything. 

I remember shortly after he was born and me trying to nurse him for the first time at the birth center and my doula helping me latch him on, she mentioned something super interesting. She said walking, talking, and eating comes naturally and so does nursing but boy does nursing take time, patience, and dedication to learn! And now, being 4 months into being a mommy, feeding my little one is one of the coolest and sweetest experiences. And I'm so happy I stuck with it. 

I also learned that being a mom is not about knowing everything right away, but learning it as you go. And it's a forever journey. :) 

Cyril, about 5 hours after he was born.  

Oh and BY THE WAY, boxy dresses are your best friend post baby ;)


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