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Friday, October 17, 2014

Food Lately



Here's some random shots of food from my camera roll. 

Have you ever discovered something so yummy that you ate it for lunch the whooole week? If you guys love seafood, you will love this Wild Smoked Salmon Dip from Costco (which is not the most healthiest thing out there, considering that it's made with cream cheese, but sometimes it's just A-OK to eat whatever you want in moderation-even if it's for the whole week! Ha!). Paired with some whole wheat bread from Costco as well as Campari tomatoes that are super sweet and delicious. Make sure you sprinkle your tomatoes with Himalayan Crystals... pink salt that is :) Which is really good for ya! And it's yummy!

My hubby asked me to pick up some Kombucha, so to Marlene's Natural Foods Market & Deli I went. Which happens to be one of my favorite grocery stores, which also happens to be a bit pricy. But lets pay for health now so we don't have to later. Alright. Up next is Ezekiel bread, one of the most cleanest breads out there, two green smoothies for hubs and I, some Kerrygold butter, which is always UNSALTED (I like being able to control my sodium intake), and some red wine for good health.

Back in July I started a PiYo challenge group, coached by my friend Megan Ewoldsen. You should totally check her out on her Facebook page under "Megan Ewoldsen - Health & Fitness." She's a super cute and fit mommy of two beautiful little girls. Anywho, a part of the challenge group, was a month supply of Shakeology, and I quickly fell in love with the chocolate flavor.  

Pure heaven in a jar - filled with delicious vitamins & minerals. Bam! 

If you are ever in the Tacoma Downtown area, you must visit Margaret's Cafe. She serves the most delicious salads & soups (one of my favorite food combos!). I ordered the Lemon Chicken Ginger salad with the most delicious dressing (totally will have to go back and order the salad again just for the dressing), and a cup of her Split Pea soup. The roll was pretty amazing too. Oh and her Caesar Salad is one of the yummiest too! 

Until next time!

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