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Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Little Country Girl

I try to find peace and contentedness whatever life throws my way. Life is not always a pretty canvas. Things happen. But the clock continues to tick.

I believe it's when we can find the good in the bad in order to experience true happiness. 
So whether it's Monday morning at work or Sunday brunch with the hubby, I try to be of good cheer.

But I'm really happy when  Sundays come around. 
Hubby and I always look forward to Sundays.

So this Sunday we decided to runaway to the country side. I get so giddy and excited being in the country. There's just something about the peaceful scenery driving through the farm. Even time seems to slow down. 

We visited a lavender farm which happened to have the most amazing wine, cheese, and natural bar soap (not that we ate the soap, just stuck our noses in it). We explored the inside of a cute cozy lavender shop that sold endless number of lavender goodies. We got to take wine, cheese, and bar soap home. We later fed our hungry bellies delicious Mexican food in a quiet small town nearby. Mr. Hubby and I both have a soft spot in our hearts for Mexican food. Only those that can relate will understand.

Cheers to more great Sundays!

Xoxo, Alina

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sharing Life One Post at a Time

I have always been the type to write things down on a piece of paper. Growing up, I would write things down in diaries, journals, notebooks, sticky notes, etc. You get the point. So when I "grew up," I continued to buy sticky notes, journals, and note cards to write down anything that needed to be released from my mind onto a piece of paper. And it wasn't until I got married that I gave blogging a thought. But I always pushed that thought away. The idea of posting my thoughts, fears, and every day life on the internet held me back. But being a dreamer and someone who likes to get things done, I couldn't push the idea of blogging away for any longer. It was time. And the time was now. 

I hope that my journey of "blogging" will give me the ability to make many mistakes, share my everyday simple life, marriage, healthy recipes, holistic living, faith, and whatever else life leads me to share.


And lets share life one post at a time.

Admiring autumn through the window. Fall 2013.